Persuing excellence in front-end web development.

Welcome to! offers web programming and development services. Our specialties include custom menus, advanced CSS techniques, and unobtrusive, cross-browser compatible JavaScript scripts.

What makes us different?

In addition to testing in a wider range of browsers than the average web developer/designer, we follow best practices which include:

  • We write all of our code by hand to ensure quality.
  • When writing HTML (as apposed to XHTML), to make it easy to convert to XHTML with a few find and replace commands:
    • We use lowercase element and attribute names in our HTML and CSS. (Which is required in XHTML.)
    • We use end tags even when they're optional. (They are always required in XHTML.)
    • We always quote values, which is sometimes optional in HTML but is always required in XHTML.
    • We don't use attribute minimization, which is allowed in HTML but not in XHTML.
  • We write semantic markup in HTML or XHTML which makes documents more meaningful to people and search engines.
  • We use external style sheets to take advantage of caching, which can help save bandwidth and loading times when multiple pages that use the same style sheets are viewed.
  • We use Unobtrusive JavaScript which allows us to remove the clutter of inline event handlers to external JavaScript files. (The external JavaScript files can also take advantage of caching.)