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Emulating position:fixed in IE6 Without JavaScript

This technique uses 5 of IE5+/Win's Conditional Comments but no JavaScript code. Normally I prefer restricting the use of conditional comments to hiding IE/Win specific stylesheets from other browsers and perhaps giving IE/Win an alternate <object> element. However, I don't like the thought of using JavaScript for a presentational effect like this. Part of the trick is that #navbar is not a descendant of #outer in IE5-7/Win like it is in other browsers. This technique for emulating position:fixed in IE6 is based on the similar technique shown here.

This works in Firefox, Safari, Opera 9+, IE5-7/Win, and IE5/Mac, but there are two things to note: the mousewheel doesn't work in IE5.0/Win and the background-color on #outer disappears in IE5/Mac. (Opera 7.5x and 8.x have problems with the left:auto on #navbar. Oddly enough, it seems to work in Opera 7.23. Opera 7.0x and 7.1x fail to show a horizontal scrollbar when the window is too narrow.)

I should warn you to keep in mind what happens when an element with position:fixed gets too tall — the bottom of it disappears below the bottom edge of the viewport and users can't scroll to see it.

Last update: 2008-05-11

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