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Show a Textbox When a Radio Button is Selected

Here's an example of an unobtrusive JavaScript/DOM script that can be used to hide part of a form until it is needed.


Do you want to show the textarea?

Explanation of the code

This commented version of the code includes most of the code used but does not include the helper functions used to add the onload event. The very simple function used to attach an event handler to the onload event is used here because of its simplicity. In a real page I would most likely use a more robust event handling function.

dss_addLoadEvent(function() {
  // make the function return (exit) prematurely if the browser 
  // doesn't support the document object model (DOM)
  if(!document.getElementById) return;
  // get a reference to the form element with the ID "form1"
  var f = document.getElementById('form1');
  // attach an event handler function to the onsubmit event of the form. 
  // This particular function prevents the form from submitting.
  f.onsubmit = function(){ return false; }
  // get a reference to the element that we want to toggle the display of 
  // and then set its display to none (which hides the element). The 
  // interface for accessing the inline style attribute of the element via 
  // JavaScript is used.
  document.getElementById('demo_radio_ta_label').style.display = 'none';
  // get a reference to the radio button group
  var rads = f.elements['demo_radio'];
  // loop through the radio buttons in the group
  for(var i=0;i<rads.length;i++) {

    // attach an anonymous event handler to the onclick and onkeyup
    // events of the current radio button
      // exit this event handler if the event is triggered on a radio 
      // button that is not selected (checked)    
      if(!this.checked) return;
      // get a reference to the element that we want to toggle the display of
      var el = document.getElementById('demo_radio_ta_label');
      // show the element if the clicked radio button's value is "yes",
      // otherwise hide it (or keep it hidden)
      el.style.display = (this.value=="yes")?'':'none';
    // call the event handler function so that if one of the radio 
    // buttons happens to be selected when the page loads, the script will 
    // be setup correctly. It does happen under certain circumstances that 
    // one of the radio buttons will be selected at load time, so it is 
    // always best to code accordingly

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Last update: 2007-05-02