Our dynamic web pages are specially constructed to offer visitors to your site a rich user experience in the latest desktop browsers, and yet at the same time be usable in older web browsers that are still widely deployed today.

Services include:

  • page template creation based on an image (typically a PSD — "Photoshop document") produced by a graphic artist
  • resolution of cross-browser display differences (also known as "CSS bug fixing")
  • creation of custom navigational menu systems
  • creation of custom Suckerfish Menu System configurations
  • creation of custom interactive web forms
  • creation of custom form validation (processor) scripts
  • customization and creation of jQuery plugins
  • optimization of web page components to achieve fast loading pages
  • interactive web page testing on a variety of browsers, which include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera.
Last update: 2010-10-22